Maintenance Checklist

If you stay ready, you never have to get ready. Be prepared for whatever winter throws your way by being proactive with snowplow, spreader and truck maintenance.

    Plow Spreader Truck Plow Spreader Truck
1 Ensure equipment is properly mounted to the truck (in accordance with manufacturers recommendations) X X   X X  
2 Clean and tighten all electrical connections as well as apply dielectric grease to prevent corrosion X X   X X  
3 Check hydraulic system for leaks and cracked or damaged hoses X X   X X  
4 Check cutting edge wear X     X    
5 Check hydraulic fluid level       X    
6 Drain the hydraulic system and refill with recommended hydraulic fluid (check website for instructions and owner’s manual) X          
7 Replace worn or damaged parts X X   X X  
8 Check all mounting points and tighten fasteners and verify that all cotter pins are in place (if required) X X X X X X
9 Repaint as necessary to protect exposed metal from rust or corrosion X X        
10 Lubricate all grease fittings and any other pivot point recommended in your owner’s manual X X   X X  
11 Ensure headlamps are adjusted properly X          
12 Inspect belts and chains, adjust or replace if necessary   X        
13 Ensure conveyor chain is adjusted properly   X     X  
14 Wash out the hopper and rinse all external surfaces   X     X  
15 Ensure backup camera is setup and working properly (if required)   X X   X X
16 Perform function check after servicing including accessories X X        
17 Ensure ballast is properly installed in your truck (if required)     X     X
18 Inspect and test the battery as well as charging system, replace or repair if necessary     X      
19 Confirm proper operation of the windshield wipers, heater, any auxiliary lights, and back up alarm (if required)     X     X
20 Verify your tires are properly inflated and are in a good serviceable condition     X     X
21 Vehicle walk around to confirm everything is in good working order           X
22 All vehicle manufacturer recommended services at the appropriate interval     X      


#72905 14oz Cartridge
#72906 7 lb Pail
#72907 120 lb Tote
#72908 400 lb Drum

Hydraulic Fluid

Dielectric Grease
#84497 Quart
#84491 Gallon
#83392 Drum

Touch-Up PAINT

#84478 Red (Spray Can)
#84479 Yellow (Spray Can)
#84480 Gray (Spray Can)
#84481 Black (Spray Can)
#84482 Primer (Spray Can)
#84483 Black (Quart)
#84484 Primer (Quart)
#84485 Gray (Quart)