UTV Plows

Make quick work of snow removal from sidewalks and other compact locations with a UTV plow specifically designed for use with a wide variety of utility vehicles.

Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

6' 0"

Heavy-Duty UTV Straight Blade

6' 0"

Rotary Broom

Quickly remove lighter coatings of snow from sidewalks and walkways with a rotary broom specifically designed for winter maintenance.

SS-4000 Rotary Broom



Available in multiple sizes and with wheels, SnowEx® shovels are lightweight and built to maximize efficiency-and give you another way to push your profits even higher.

Heavy-Duty Pusher Shovels

30" / 36"


Designed specifically to fit in the bed of most UTVs, these products will turn your utility vehicle into an ice control master.

HELIXX™ (0.35 cu yd) Stainless Steel Hoppers

0.35 cu yd


100 gal

Drop Pro™ 600 Poly Hopper

6.0 cu ft

UTV Tailgate

Drop Pro™ 600 Poly Hopper

6.0 cu ft

Precision Pro

6.0 cu ft


3.0 cu ft

Wireless Utility

3.0 cu ft

Salt Storage

With storage capacities between 5 and 18 cubic feet of salt, SnowEx® Salt Boxes keep salt sealed and protected to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a slab of “rock” before you can use it.

Storage Containers

3 cu ft / 6 cu ft / 12 cu ft / 18 cu ft

Walk-Behind Spreaders

These walk-behind drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are built with features the pros demand, like a powder coated steel frame, pneumatic tires, and a sturdy polyethylene hopper, to deliver years of reliable trouble-free salt-spreading performance.

Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreaders

100 lb/160 lb

Walk-Behind Drop Spreaders

160 lb

Walk-Behind Sprayers

Battery-powered push sprayers are excellent for de-icing sidewalks, and the spot spraying wand makes short work of stairs and hard-to-reach tight spots.

Walk-Behind Sprayers

12 gal