Automatixx® Tractor Attachment Kits

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Automatixx® Tractor Attachment Kits

The Automatixx® tractor attachment kits accommodate the growing demand for non-truck mounted snowplowing applications. These kits allow for direct attachment of SnowEx® V-plows, winged plows and heavy-duty straight blades to tractors for improved plowing efficiency. The exclusive Automatixx technology provides incredibly quick and easy plow hook-up from one side of the tractor. Designed for easy installation onto a wide range of tractor models.

V-Plow, Winged Plow & Straight Blade

Plow Applications

Tractors offer snowplows great versatility for a wide range of plow options. The following plow models offer compatibility with tractors: HDV™, Heavy-Duty, POWER PLOW™, and SPEEDWING™. Please use Power Match to determine tractor model and plow model compatibility.


Removable Push Beam

Easy Installation


Lighting Harness Kit