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Using Liquids to Improve Safety Outcomes and Reduce Liability

This module demonstrates the improved safety outcomes on customer properties and safer working conditions for contractors' crews achieved by anti-icing and pre-wetting compared to a traditional deicing approach.



Using Liquids to Mitigate Environmental Impacts and Business Risk

Learn why the environmental impacts of salting in winter maintenance are driving regulations and increasing market demand for more sustainable practices.  Explore how appropriate use of liquid technology can mitigate those impacts and the business risks associated with them as well as benefit the contractor’s bottom line. 



Selling the Customer on Liquid Services

This module discusses various approaches for selling liquids to different types of customers and explores expanding consumer groups for whom liquids provide a competitive advantage. 



Using Liquids to Cut Costs and Grow Profit

This module will examine how using liquids can reduce costs, increase profit margins and grow revenue. Discussed are comparative cost/benefit scenarios, incorporating liquids into different types of contracts, liquid startup costs and potential return on investment.




Additional Resources

Material Application Cost Savings Calculator

This tool is designed to give contractors an idea - using their own numbers - how much using liquids could save them over the course of a year and provide a ballpark estimate on the timeframe to net a return on the investment in liquid equipment.

 Excel Form


A Guide to Measuring Customer Sites Using Google Earth

Efficient material management - controlling material application starts with knowing the size of the spaces you service.  This document will take you through the steps for using Google Earth to measure your different customer sites. 



Snow Removal Process Improvements with Liquid Brine and Salt Reduction, Jim Holm - Park Nicollet Health System

Recipient of the Environmental Leadership Award at the MN Freshwater Society 16th Annual Salt Symposium, this article chronicles the achievements at this 36 site facility since implementing a Sustainable Salt Management/Liquid Program.

Salt Smart... Sustainable Solutions - Strategic Advantages

Salt Smart liquid snow and ice control strategies outperform traditional salting practices achieving better of safety protection and more sustainable outcomes at less cost.



Selling the Customer on Performance and Expertise

If you largely rely on selling the ‘materials’ you use, whether that’s rock salt or liquids, you may not be selling to your full advantage.



The Trend Towards Liquids

Cutting edge liquid technologies provide a significant opportunity for innovative dealers and commercial service providers to achieve a competitive advantage.